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Things to do in Otavalo and around

Best things to do in Otavalo and around

Otavalo has the world-famous market on Saturdays. However, besides the market, there are a lot of things to do in and around Otavalo.

Above all, our province of Imbabura houses many natural, outdoor attractions. Like mountains, lakes, parks and waterfalls. As a concequence, Imbabura was recently named a UNESCO Global GeoPark. The first one of its kind in Ecuador.

We want you to visit and enjoy this green Andean environment and so therefore we created a special blog. A travel blog with several posts on: “Best Things to do in and around Otavalo”. Above all, the blog contains individual posts on the mayor attractions. So these are really MUST visits when staying in Otavalo. Every post comes with many photos, impressions, tips and recommendations.

To name a few Top sights around Otavalo:
  • Hiking around the Cuicocha Crater lake.
  • A visit to the Mojanda lake area.
  • Hike/climb to the summit of the Fuya Fuya volcano.
  • A visit to the Condor Park. (A rescue center for Birds of Prey).
  • A walk to the Peguche waterfall.
  • A visit to the Mitad del Mundo monument in Cayambe.

… and many others attractions to visit.

But back to Otavalo & its market:

Besides these “Things to do” posts around Otavalo, we also prepared a special post on The Market. Its long history. And where to look for if you want to experience Otavalo’s unique past. That is – of course – besides enjoying the tourist market. Searching for beautiful handicrafts for yourself, family and friends.

That said, the Otavaleños through the ages converted themselves in business men. And women! In conclusion, actually every weekday is market day. Besides the stalls on the Plaza de Ponchos, you’ll find handicrafts shops all over town. Therefore, you’re welcome every day of the week. Besides the shops, bars, restaurants and coffeeshops open up daily.

To sum up, a relaxed atmosphere hangs over Otavalo during the week. A perfect time to catch the unique vibe of the Otavalo culture and people. For that, just hang around in the central park for a while.

Finally, on the TravelArtWay blog you’ll also find some historical backgrounds to Ecuador. Like for example, How Ecuador got its name.

We hope to see you soon! In our country, in Otavalo and our hotel/restaurant.

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