Address: Juan Montalvo 4-44, Otavalo, Ecuador +593 (0) 6 292 0739 - +593 (0) 6 292 5381

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Árbol de Montalvo Restaurant


A piece of history…

When we, as new Dutch owners of Hostal Doña Esther, bought the place about 12 years ago, we didn’t really have a restaurant in mind. We planned a small B&B, but the restaurant and kitchen were there, so we thought to give it a try. The only thing we knew then was that we liked good food - a lot! and the preparation of it.

After finding a name - Árbol de Montalvo - we started to reorganize the restaurant, we made an almost completely new menu and started our adventure. Visiting the provincial shops and markets, we soon found the right places for meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and other ingredients, like herbs and spices. Besides that, after a while, we found the best people to prepare the recipes we thought of – dishes with a mixture of known local flavors (like avocado, corn, quinoa, chocolate) and new international flavors (moreover the herbs and spices we use and the imaginative combinations we sometimes make).

With all this input for a good restaurant we soon found the right balance between savory and healthy food and we hope that the choice you make from our menu will stick as a lasting experience and - if possible - will bring you back to our restaurant in the future.

Your food will be:

prepared by: Lilian, Susana, Jenny & Freddy (pizzas)
served by: Adriana & Lucy
invented by: Arthur & Wendy

We have a new menu!

Have a look or download our updated menu with the blue button on the right


Our (New) Menu

our menu

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We're opened:

Tuesday-Thursday: 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Friday - Sunday: 7am - 9pm

* Always opened for breakfast